Fruit Saver

Backyard Fruit Tree Net

Fruit tree nets.
Tent shaped nets (large, Regular and Mini) providing natural protection for fruit trees, the small mesh will even keep out fruit flies. Environmentally friendly, animal safe and ideal for organic fruit production.

Veggie nets.
Designed for walk-in/walk-out gardening via a 1m overlap doorway, easily secured with pegs. Ideal for organic vegetable production.

Draw string mesh bags.
Designed for those difficult to cover fruits, from bunches of grapes to multiple branches of Mangoes.

Tree glue bands.
An eco-friendly way to stop ants and crawling insects from climbing your fruit tree. stopping sooty mould, codling moths, etc. Tough, 50gsm, organic, waterproof.

Fruit Saver Fruit Tree Nets provide natural protection for fruit trees against fruit fly, possums, birds, bats and rodents

No need for chemical sprays - Environment and wildlife friendly

Suitable for fruit trees, including stone-fruit, apples, figs, guavas, pears, persimmons and citrus as well as tomatoes.

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